What's a Fitness Party?

May 25, 2018

Party and exercise at the same time?? I’m talking about a ‘ Fitness Party’  But Wait!!! Don’t close the post just yet, Hear me out.

So we all know that exercise is the best way to beat and manage an aging body. Exercise gives you mental clarity for better productivity, improves mood, and overall physical health. So if is something that must be done to ensure a healthy life why not add style to it.  Alright Paz, land your plane!!


Throw a fitness party! Bring the fitness and the fun right to your own home/backyard. But where to start?


Hire a slamming good DJ (us) . One that will read your crowd and connect with them. Have a 30 to 45 min workout. A good DJ will bring the right mood and energy for your workout, then get right into party mode.  Again, a great DJ will transition seamlessly!!!! 


Follow these simple Ideas:


  • Party favors: Stick with the health theme by offering pedometers, water bottles, pocket nutrition guides, jump ropes, yoga mats, water flavoring packets, or iTunes gift cards. Go to the One-Dollar store or Five-Dollar store to get some of these.


  • Demonstrations: if $$ allow Hire a qualified instructor from a local gym or studio to lead your friends through a workout

If not , there are plenty of workout routine you can get on DVD or downloads. Try: belly dancing, salsa, hip hop dancing, boot camp, or more

  • Healthy foods: Cook (or cater) light and healthy finger foods like fresh fruit and veggies, edamame, smoothies, water, fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, nuts, and dried fruit. Pina Colada anyone??!! Oh whatever ; you just put in a heck of a workout, go for it.


  • Fun & games: Offer prizes for winners in a few friendly competitions: an outdoor run, most pushups in a minute, longest plank hold, or greatest flexibility, even a limbo competition.

Hosting your own fitness party IS so much fun! With a little imagination (and some friends who don’t mind sweating a bit), you’ll burn calories and bond with your buddies in no time.


If life is short; who not dance all the way through it!  See you at the party




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