Warm Weather Party Ideas

May 23, 2018

Woo-hoo party fans!! 

Can’t believe summer is almost HERE! 

And with it: BBQs, Backyard Movie Nights ( my personal favorite with my own family), Pool Parties and everything in between.

Let us help you make your summer gathering an affair to remember. 

Start by calling us to provide the ambiance and the music. Then, take advantage of these helpful hits for a smooth seamless event.

Why not throw a picnic-style party? What looks like a fancy set-up will only take you minutes to put together. Use some crates as a table and set out a blanket and some pillows and everyone will be nice and cozy while they eat their dinner.


At your next self-serve soiree, help guests avoid a juggling act by hole punching disposable plates and attaching plastic utensils with a loop of twine. They'll have a free hand as they tackle the buffet—all the better for scooping an extra serving of your famous slaw.


Give the kids something to do

While grown ups may be content to relax with a beverage, younger folks have energy to burn. This giant bubble wand, made using a hula hoop and a plastic pool, offers a fun distraction.

The bubble solution is super easy you guys!!

Dump 5 gallons of water in the kiddie pool and Dawn dishwashing detergent. 

The SECRET? Leave it over night. It will make the bubbles so much better.


NOTE: This is super fun but slippery!!! So kids be sure to supervise your adults properly!!!


Remember: Life is short so you might as well dance your way through it…  See you at the party!


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