5 ideas to keep kids entertained at a wedding

April 2, 2018

Keeping kids entertained at a wedding is no easy task, that’s why we recommend to plan ahead and enlist the help of people to manage the situation so that you and the other adults can better enjoy the day’s festivities while knowing that your kids are well taken care of.



As the ceremony ends and your guests flow into the reception area to begin the festivities, use these 5 tips to keep the kids entertained and their energy contained.


1. Individual goody bags

Ask you guest for a list of their children that they will be bringing to the event and then have your wedding planner arrange personalised goody bags that are appropriate to their age and gender.

These goody bags don’t have to cost a fortune but make sure that you find inventive stuff that is unique and original, while within your specified budget.

Colouring books, glow sticks, bubbles, and craft items like paints and crayons are great items that all the kids can share with each other.


2. Hire a kids photo booth

A photo booth is a fantastic idea to keep kids entertained for hours. Give them a good selection of props to choose from and a wide variety of virtual themes for them to snap away with.

You can either have the photos printed out, or you can have the photo booth rigged up to an HDTV, with the pictures displayed in a rotating gallery for everyone to see, then make them available for download after the wedding.


3. Professional child-minders

There are concierge services available that will observe and entertain your kids while you party on with the adults at the reception.

These professionals will do miracles with handling the children’s enthusiasm and energy, channeling it into fun activities and games that keep them entertained all day long.

These pros really know what they are doing and they have plenty of experience in these events and handling all sorts of children, they usually have an extensive repertoire of games and ideas to keep them busy, smiling, laughing and out of your hair for the day.


4. Hire professional entertainment

Kids love getting involved with the entertainment, so engage their senses and let them laugh along with a cool clown show that has some balloon animal modelers making them inflatable creations that keep them smiling. Kids love a good magic show, there’s something about the fascinating curiosity of the child’s mind that keeps them glued to every trick. These professionals make entertaining kids their life’s work, using them for your reception entertainment is a sure-fire way of providing the kids with a great afternoon while letting the adults relax and enjoy themselves.


5. A kids movie room

When the day gets long in the tooth and the kids start moaning about wanting to go home, give them their own area to chill out in and watch a movie while they eat some treats and drink a hot-chocolate. Make up some boxes of popcorn, layer the area with bean bags and thick blankets and keep them glued to the screen watching the latest animated feature film for the evening before they pass out, giving you all time to enjoy the receptions evening festivities.


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